Nils Johan Olsson Blommér, Fairies of the Meadow (Ängsälvor)

Nationalmuseum Stockholm

Date: 1850
Technique: Oil on canvas, 115 × 143 cm

Blommér were one among the Swedish artists who in the mid 1800's wanted to create a national Swedish art, he incorporated themes from Norse mythology and folklore. In 1847 he traveled to Paris via Germany. In Germany he was inspired by the German painter Moritz von Schwind, whose images often depicted fairies and other nature spirits. In Ängsälvor Blommér depicted fairies dancing in a meadow in the twilight. In the background of the romantic landscape glimpses of Gripsholm Castle can be seen. The painting, which was created in Paris in 1850, was meant to be part of a series of four paintings, each painting would symbolize a season. Ängsälvor represented spring. After having spent some years in Paris, Blommér traveled on to Italy where he died of pneumonia in 1853, barely 37 years old.

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