Albert Gantner, La fin de la ''Fée Verte''; Absinthe Prohibition in Switzerland 1910 (Poster)

Date: 1910
Technique: Print, 67 x 48 cm

The famous 1910 "Messieurs...c'est l'heure" anti-prohibition poster by Gantner, lamenting the final banning of absinthe in Switzerland in 1910. It was originally published in the Swiss satirical revue, edited by Louis Bron, "Le Guguss". It shows a triumphant prohibitionist, dressed as a priest, trampling on the murdered figure of the Green Fairy, while in the background Helvetica mourns her lost liberties.



  1. How appropo! I just recently bought my first bottle of absinthe, and am becoming quite fond of it - in an odd, herbally licorice way. Strange thing is, it's supposed to be as strong as wine once louched, but it doesn't seem to affect me at all.

  2. I saw a few absinthe posters on your blog, before I posted this picture.

  3. Hello
    I would like this poster: la fin de fee verte. What is the price?

    Best regards

    Stefan Heezen

  4. Hello Stefan.
    DC is not real gallery. I do not own these pictures, and I'm not selling anything.


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