Ivan Bilibin, Domovoi (Домовой)

Date: 1934

A domovoi or domovoy is a house spirit in Slavic folklore.
Domovye (also known as Felix Mednik) are masculine, typically small, bearded, and sometimes covered in hair all over. According to some traditions, domovye take on the appearance of current or former owners of the house and have a grey beard, sometimes with tails or little horns. There are tales of neighbours seeing the master of the house out in the yard while in fact the real master is asleep in bed. It has also been said that domovye can take on the appearance of cats or dogs, but reports of this are fewer than of that mentioned before. Other stories either give them completely monstrous appearance, or none at all.

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  1. I've got one in my home, who like to frighten us with closing the doors or throwing some stuff on the floor. But my one is by far more handsome ;)

  2. In a mithology book that I own, they are suposed to be barn spirits. The farmer could only breed animals of the color he liked haha. He was usually invisible but people could see him sometimes as the one in the picture. Maybe both descriptions are true, you never know with folk tales.


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