Felix Jenewein, The Plague (Pestis) III

Date: 1901
Technique: Lithograph, printed in colours, 43.4 x 37 cm

One of six plates in a portfolio with title pages and introduction by Karel B. Mádl.

Subject described by Karel B. Mádl as follows: "The suffering and misery are on the increase. There seems no end of them, the minds of men grow confused, and finding no help they seek the causes of these irresistible attacks of death, and in their frenzy seize anyone, whom they suspect of spreading the poison, and who is unable to afford them help. The Black Death used to be followed by bloodshed. Here lies one victim of it. From a naked body life is escaping in a pool of blood. The infuriated people stoned a physician, because he was suspected to be the originator of the plague, or that he refused them help."

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