Hans Baldung Grien, Eve, the Serpent, and Death

 Hans Baldung Grien, The Knight, the Young Girl, and Death

 Odilon Redon, Through the Crack a Death's-Head Was Projected

 Odilon Redon, The Masque of the Red Death

 Max Slevogt, Dance of Death (Totentanz)

 Max Klinger, Back into Nothingness, plate fifteen from A Life

 Max Klinger, The Isle of the Dead (after Arnold Böcklin)

 George Frederic Watts and assistants, The Court of Death

 Gaetano Previati, Cronos

 Max Klinger, Peeing Death (Der pinkelden Tod)

 August Brömse, The Lost Paradise

 August Brömse, I'm Coming

 August Brömse, Dance

 August Brömse, An Old Song

 August Brömse, Life Escaping

 August Brömse, In the Park

 August Brömse, By the Window

 John Martin, Paradise Lost - The Conflict Between Satan and Death (Book 2)

 Homer Ransford Watson, The Death of Elaine

 Arnold Böcklin, The Isle of the Dead (Die Toteninsel) - ''New York'' version

 Julio Romero de Torres, Cante hondo

Mihály Zichy, The Triumph of the Genius of Destruction (A rombolás géniuszának diadala)

 Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Last Argument

 John Hamilton Mortimer, Skeleton Figure of Death in Armour holding a skull

 Alfred Rethel, Death the Friend (Der Tod als Freund)

 Alfred Rethel, Death the Strangler - The first outbreak of cholera at a masked ball in Paris 1831 (Der Tod als Erwürger - Erster Auftritt...)

 Maxim Nikiforovich Vorobiev, Oak fractured by a lightning. Allegory on the artist's wife death

 Albrecht Dürer, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

 Samuel Colman (Coleman), The Death of Amelia

 Émile Friant, The Expiation (L'Expiation)

 Stevan Aleksić, Self Portrait at the Cafe (Autoportret u kafani)

 Stevan Aleksić, Self Portrait at the Cafe (Autoportret u kafani)

 Jan Toorop, The Sphinx

 Antoine Wiertz, Une tête de mort

 George Frederic Watts, Time, Death and Judgement

 Antoine Wiertz, Guillotined Head (Une tête coupée)

 Evelyn de Morgan, The Field Of The Slain

 Elihu Vedder, The Dead Alchemist

 José Guadelupe Posada, Carrancista Skeletons (Calavera carrancista)

 Xavier Mellery, L'Immortalité

 Odilon Redon, Apocalypse de Saint-Jean / Et un autre ange sortit du temple qui est au ciel ...

 Odilon Redon, Apocalypse de Saint-Jean / Et celui qui était monté dessus se nommait la mort

 Max Klinger, Untitled

 Carlos Schwabe, Death (La Mort)

 Michael Wolgemut, Dance of the Deads

 Antoine Wiertz, The Premature Burial (L'inhumation précipitée)

 Paul Gustave Doré, "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe; Plate 11 - Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared to Dream Before

 Egon Schiele, Death and the Maiden

 Maria Cosway, Nightscene: A Woman and Two Children, One Apparently Dead, at Seashore

 James Gillray, The Valley of the Shadow of Death

 Joseph William Turner, Death on a Pale Horse (?)

 William Hogarth, Satan, Sin and Death

 George Frederic Watts, Death Crowning Innocence

 Theodor Baierl, Knight Approached by Death

 John Haynes, Death on a Pale Horse

 William Blake, Pestilence: Death of The First Born

 Konstantin Somov, Harlequin and Death

William Blake, Plague

 Carlos Schwabe, The Death of the Grave Digger (La mort du fossoyeur)

 Hugo Simberg, Garden of Death (Kuoleman puutarha)

 Arnold Böcklin, Self-Portrait with Death playing a Fiddle ( Selbstporträt mit fiedelndem Tod)

 Caspar David Friedrich, Graveyard under Snow

 Caspar David Friedrich, Landscape with Grave, Coffin and Owl

 Albrecht Dürer, The Death of Orpheus

 Albert Pinkham Ryder, The Dead Bird

  Albert Pinkham Ryder, The Race Track (Death on a Pale Horse)

 Nicolas Poussin, The Plague of Ashdod

 John Hamilton Mortimer, Carrion Crows hovering over a Skeleton on a Seashore

 Albrecht Dürer, Knight, Death and the Devil

 Albrecht Dürer, Young Woman Attacked by Death or The Ravisher

 Arnold Böcklin, The Plague

 Arnold Böcklin, The Isle of the Dead (Die Toteninsel) - ''Basel'' version

 Albrecht Dürer, Death and the Landsknecht

 Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Triumph of Death

 Félicien Rops, Death at the Ball (La Mort au Bal)

 Odilon Redon, Death: "My Irony Surpasses All Others"

 Harry Clarke, The Tell-Tale Heart

 Jacob Binck, Death Killing a Soldier

 Alphonse Legros, Death and the woodcutter (La Mort et le Bûcheron)

 William Blake, The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve

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