George Frederic Watts, She Shall be Called Woman

Tate Gallery, London

Date: c. 1875-92
Technique: Oil on canvas, 2578 x 1168 mm

In 1892 Watts embarked on The Eve Trilogy. The pictures were conceived as part of his ambitious allegorical project The House of Life which was to illustrate the history of the human race. This painting is the first of the trilogy in which Watts set out to show 'the three stages through which human life has to pass. In the first, the newly created soul is more conscious of heaven than of earth ... the hands grasp nothing of earth's treasures ... In the second, Eve Tempted, ... the sway of the senses has descended upon the soul.' The last work in the series Eve Repentant symbolizes how 'the earthly paradise is wrecked'.

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