Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard, The Fatal Hour: Fantastic Subject II

Private collection

Date: c. 1830
Technique: Oil on canvas, 46.5 x 38 cm



  1. Gorgeous! A few words...

    It's a good thing he's got that cushion well placed - do you see the size of his wine cup?!?!?

    She seems afraid of her wine glass - have never seen anyone hold one by the rim of the foot before, and one-handed, too!

    Also, it's interesting the way the back legs on the small fruit table are shorter than the front legs... the large table also appears to have the same affliction. Makes the whole scene feel like it's sliding to the right. Very unsettling, and cool.

    What are those red things on the floor, leading up to the bowl of fruit? Are they pieces of fruit being carried by mice? The picture is just a bit too small to make it out on this end.

  2. Who knew four o'clock was the fatal hour?


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